New Wh corp lf Wh and 0.0 PvP pilots

Not going to waste a lot of time here as the Title of the post says it all. We are a new WH corp associated with a long standing experienced WH alliance whom we work with on a regular basis. ATM we are primarily a Post Downtime Corp, though we need to fill out all time zones eventually , this is the TZ we are focused on now.

We are looking for pilots with the following requirements:
-15 mil Sp
-ability to fly a drekevac, and/or a Zarmazd (guardian suffices in this case as a replacement)
-armor t3c capability
-Useful Alt for probing/hauling/etc…
-Self sufficient iskwise (we do no corp PvE operations, only PvP and supporting logistics when it is required for security purposes)
-experience in WH pvp
-experience in WH mapping and bookmarking systems
-experience in BLOPs fleets.
-active KB in last 30 days (ie: 10+ kills)

We offer:
-experienced FC (12+ years)
-gung ho lets get it done and screw the odds sort of gameplay.
-PvP we will have on a constant basis, especially once we decide on a target.
-Fitting Guidance and well thought out and explained Doctrines.
-Pathfinder wh-mapping utility
-Seat verified access to both Discord, and Pathfinder

If interested feel free to message Vitiate Incarnate to be invited to our recruitment channel. Thanks for your time.
Live Fast Kill Slow,

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