C3 WH pvp alliance LF corps

Equal Opportunity Haters [EOH] is a c3 nullsec wormhole alliance. We are currently on the lookout for smaller wh corps to join us for 0.0 and WH pvp operations.

We are a community of long term friends who are expanding our horizons to include other pvp minded entities moving into our new home system. We are security minded so have established ourselves with highly defensible structures in system.
We however understand the need for PvE/Industrial capabilities to give our member corps the tools necessary for all activities, and are interested in moving in some industrial minded pve corps who are also intent on getting their “Bomb” on.

Our focus is covert ops ships for most instances of pvp except fleet roams in 0.0. In specific we are aiming for all our members to be participants in regular BLOPs fleets once our alliance numbers allow. We have a doctrine “Loan for Fleet” program for doctrine fits for System Defense Operations and Prearranged fleets.

Why Us?
We provide a place to live out of (citadels) , comms, mapper, and experienced/coordinated leadership. We also supply bombers for fleets according to our “Loan for Fleet Program” , with other doctrine ships to fly being provided in the near future. We don’t expect other corps to setup structures as we have a home station that is more than enough (fortizar), and several fallback stations for Just in case situations. We are also a fun group, always joking and talking about the random “mistakes were made” situations that come up on comms or debating the effectiveness of one fit vs another, and so on.

Logistics Minded:
We are not averse to setting industrial structures up for various industrial purposes warranted they are viable (ie: sustainable).

We are aiming for smaller corps that need some structure, want to establish themselves, and are wanting to get in on, and help establish fleets for 0.0 roams, BLOPs and WH shenanigans with a group of similarly minded corps.

We are aiming at making this a home that new wh pvp corps can join and find a community that welcomes them with open arms and is more than willing to help in most aspects of the game.

Why us:

  • multiple 12+ years in eve vets in leadership positions
  • advancement opportunities (we are new and are therefore in the market for people with leadership capabilities and/or potential)
  • open to member insight
  • we are interested in the kill, not the board, or the blob, but the fun involved in PvP itself, whether that be in testing fits, ganking ratters, spanking the face of some small 0.0 pvp fleet etc… those are what we are into.
  • Tons of experience spread throughout alliance with more sure to come
  • we don’t wait for content, we create it, and embrace the idea of percussive diplomacy.
  • we wont move you ever. Our home is the c3 and will remain so, therefore once you are moved in, you are in for the count.
  • Not elitist we have doctrines that span the breadth of skill levels.

If you are interested in joining the alliance with your corp, or possibly joining corp with multiple toons (one must by your main btw) , join us in " Equal Opportunity Haters " channel to meet us and get an invite to discord.

Thank you for your time,
Faethor Ferenc’zy

Still on the lookout for corps, hit us up at" Equal Opportunity Haters "channel in game

Daily Bump

Daily Bump. looking in particular for smaller startup WH pvp corps and established small/med sized 0.0 pvp corps.

Daily Bump…

Daily Bump…

Daily Bump… looking for BLOPs corps, WH startups , and null raiding corps for WH/0.0 PvP shenanigans… Join us in our recruitment channel " Equal Opportunity Haters " to get more info or talk to a recruiter. Thanks for your time.

Daily Bump … still on the lookout for startup or smaller membership pvp corps and wh industrial corps who wish to do bomber fleets. Hit us up for more info.

daily bump on the prowl for npc null and 0.0 raiding pvp groups and exploration groups wishing to get into PvP. Hit us up for more information in our recruitment channel " Equal Opportunity Haters "

Still on the prowl for BLOPs , WH and 0.0 small-med gang pvp corps.

daily bump…

Daily bump…

Daily Bump still on the prowl for pvp minded wh corps and wh minded industrial corps. Hit us up.

This bump is up…

Alliance is on the lookout for small/defunct WH pvp corps and WH industrial corps to help flesh out Home fleets and the Home Market. Hit us up if interested or if you want to ask any questions.

Daily Bump…

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