Infinite Point is Recruiting PVP Pilots! TEST ALLIANCE WANTS YOU! P.S. Hows that KeepStar Looking =)

Ive personally been in Infinite Point for two years and its by far the most active group ive ever played with, if you are looking for an older crowd with a chill mindset that’s all about pvp and getting content as often as possible look no further.

At the moment the recruitment doors are open, with this though our team is very selective in who comes into the fold as we want quality pvpers with KBs to vouch(60 kills a month avg is what we look for) in our corp you arent just another line member holding a number!
We can offer you a great home in deep null with regular deployment opportunities and a current war with daily pvp action!

Being part of Test alliance please ignore [TEST] makes us not just part of, but also at the forefront of the new huge WAR in Southern New Eden leading the charge.
As our KB shows, we are the most active corp in TEST (Dreddit technically have a few more kills than us, but also x22 our number of members).
What we need is to bolster our timezones a bit with some more pvp oriented gentlemen or degenerates whichever the case may be.

A few requirements are:
Being able to communicate in english
Apis for all characters on account thats applying to corp, no exeptions!
and last but not least, a respectful attitude toward your corpmates

Note- we are a group of veteran players and seek other veteran players. we dont cater well to newbros.

leave a note here, mail me or join our public recruitment channel to talk with one of our guys and see if we can be a good fit for you at Infinite Point Recruitment! also you can reach us at which is our public discord channel

Come get your content, join our recruitment channel and talk to the gents waiting for you!

Did you see the wake up call test and friends gave PanFam? Join our recruitment channel and get in on pandemic legions reckoning! join infinite point recruitment to find out how you can get in on PL welping!

Another evening in the trenches, come get some boys and girls join our recruitment channel today!

come and get your content, check test alliance killboard on zkill to see what you are missing out on!

Still looking for more USTZ guys, hit up our recruitment channel ASAP get those frags

Still looking for more ustz, join our recruitment channel in game or mail me directly, come get those sweet kill marks

i see you looking at this thread, yes we want you and all your USTZ goodness. inquire within…

Still picking up new USTZ members, come welp FRT with us!

hop into our corp recruiting channel, infinite point recruitment we want you!!

TLDR, join us and welp nerds on the regular. picking up all TZ players currently

come get that action, we want you to get those kill mails

so there i was digging through the masses looking for new pixel friends…

back to the top, keep the apps coming! we are bolstering ranks and cutting a path through the enemy fleets daily check our killboard for some carnage reports.

Inquire within, we are looking for a bit more shiney and chrome minded folks. in game get to us at infinite point recruitment

Come get those Dank Frags apply inside

Got Frags?


POLO!!! come shoot space ships with us

“Scratches nervously” y’all got anymore of them pvpers?