**Infinite Point** (Test Alliance Please Ignore) is recruiting pvp pilots!

Hi there!

Infinite Point corp which is part of Test alliance is recruiting pvp pilots. (https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98210135/)

Who are we?
We are basicly 2 corps in one.
Infinite point is a 200 man pvp corp within Test alliance please ignore. We are a pretty tight and friendly group and one of the most active corps per capita in Test. We pride ourself to be a pretty drama-free corp.
Our corp also has one of the highest average SP in Test alliance so you will be around pretty experienced players, even though we have a few with a bit lower SP aswell.
We also have a indy wing of our corp which is called 0.0 Massive dynamics (https://zkillboard.com/corporation/728517421/) for our more indy focused players.

As we are in Test alliance, you will never run out of things to shoot. Test have been active in pretty much every war for a long time now. There are roams and big fleets many times per day for you to pew pew in.
We have also great space for PVEing with rorquals, ratting etc. while not pvping. We pretty much never lose rorquals down in esoteria with our big capital fleet to protect them.
Our corp is probably 60% EUTZ and 40% USTZ and Test alliance are really strong of both timezones aswell.

What do we require of you?
Not that much really, we require you to have an active Omega account, and in the start you will have pretty low requirements on fleet time / kills which will increase a little bit after a few months in corp after you’ve settled in. But it is in no way any hard requirements that we have. We just want our members to be active. (If you need to go AFG for a while from the game that is not a problem either.)

Come visit “Infinite point recruitment” channel ingame or join our discord ( https://discord.gg/xnCCDr ) to get to know us better.

Also, please say Ostish sent you :slight_smile:

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