Infinitum Enterprises Looking for Miners and PvE Capsuleers

(Morgath Hellios) #21

Bumpety Bump.

(Morgath Hellios) #22

Big Bump!

(Morgath Hellios) #23

Bump. Recruitment back open! Big projects under way. Maybe you can help us get there!

(Jessica Stoyadinovic) #24

Big fat bump!

(Morgath Hellios) #25

Big bump! We’re looking for all roles and skills alike. Come get involved whilst it’s quiet to settle in!

(Jessica Stoyadinovic) #26


(Morgath Hellios) #27

Ding! Recruitment once again open. Sov warfare. PvP and PvE available to everyone.

(Richter Trench) #28

Bump! recruitment still open!

(Caurannus Decks) #29

These are awesome, would recommend!

(GSXRSquid) #30

Discord invite expired. can you post a new one

(GSXRSquid) #31

what is your public channel?

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