Unity of Suns - PVP, Industry and nullsec

Unity of Suns is a member of the Warped Intentions alliance which operates within Catch and lower Domain (null sec).

We are primarily an industrial / pvp corporation for capsuleers who want a more variable, immersive and realistic future space sim that is the EVE experience! We can provide other career styles through our diverse array of alliance members.

Unity of Suns is an all around mining/industrial/pvp corporation looking to expand its ranks. We have access to rich mining areas and can support a large industrial contingency. -UoS- has access to several Customs Offices for members usage in high-sec. We welcome any mature pilots regardless of sp level and we strongly believe that RL comes first.

We operate in hi-sec and null space and providing you boosted mining events, exploration excursions into Wormhole Space for site work, gas huffing opportunities, plenty of PvP experiences and other various activities with the alliance. Whether your a new player that is just starting out or a worldly veteran looking to find pastures new, consider joining us and beginning your next story.

We are currently accepting all TZ’s as our alliance is worldwide.

We offer:

  • A friendly community specializing in many game play sectors (it’s up to you which path you choose)
  • An environment where both solo and team based players can flourish and somebody is always on-line to fly with
  • Multiple teamwork opportunities and an understanding that RL comes first, ALWAYS
  • Alliance buyback programs, advice, general chat/discussions, help and advice, DPS backup in nullsec and more
  • Access to usable BPCs, equip, ship loans and Ship Replacement Programs, Nullsec citadels
  • Access to Manufacturing, copying, inventing and research stations
  • Access to Citadel’s/ Engineering Complex’s and their facilities
    Mining, PVE, PI, Exploration, Industrial opportunities and operations access via our multitude of alliance members
  • Null sec access containing multiple opportunities
    Region Jump-bridge networking to shorten travel times
  • TS3/Mumble/Slack communication channels
  • Access to region hauling network and jump freighter hauling access
  • Standing Fleets avail in HS/NS
  • Excellent Ore Mining Locations
  • Excellent Ice Mining Locations
  • Gas Mining opportunities
  • Plenty of PVP opportunities should you desire them

We require:

  • Full account, non-expiry API key
  • Drama Free game play
  • Willingness to work with others within the corp, alliance and coalition
  • Ability to connect to TS3/Slack
  • Respect given to all players

You can get in contact with us via W4RP Forums Or in our recruit channel W4RP Recruit.

Or you can mail one of the following:

CEO Unity Of Suns Rock Onzo

Recruiter Caduceus Vex

Recruiter Epicishousness Padecain

Recruiter Ted LeBon

Still open and welcome for new recruits!

applications still accepted :slight_smile:

Still accepting players

Recruitment still open

We’re still looking for new corpies. We’re also New player friendly!

Join today and be part of something great!

Are you guys open to having a whole corp join?

Let’s talk and find out :slight_smile:

Applications still welcome

Still looking for fresh bodies. Plenty of PvP opportuinities at the moment :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open

Plenty of opportunities for you to make friends and have a ton of fun with us.

yes we are

Still open for recruitment

Recruitment still open

Plenty of opportuinities for PVP and Sov warfare in Catch with us. Convo today to find out more!


I was told to come her to get into touch with you guys from Reddit [here is my ad: https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/78prme/3_yearold_pilot_needs_community_to_engage_with/?st=j98kbxiy&sh=f9481fcf].

I am familiar with Null life and would not mind getting back into it. I am curious what your industrial wing is like as I am looking to get involved with production and logistics in a corp/alliance. What kind of facilities and services do you offer? What kind of ops do you run and what are the current/future projects?


Mathias Ambraelle

I’ll send you a mail/convo first chance I get

Still looking for PvPers and Industrialists