Brand New Industrial Corp Looking For NS Alliance


Infinitum Enterprises is a brand new industrial corporation. We have a number of people joining our ranks once we establish a possible home, as they need to leave their current alliances.

Everyone involved in this corp are experienced Eve players, looking to move their industrial operations to the next level. We would offer an ore buyback system for the alliance, and contribute to building doctrine ships and mods for your pvp efforts.

We are looking for a home in sov-null, under an alliance that would allow us the time and space to grow. Renting is not an option at this time. We also do not mind where in Eve we end up, as long as you are not under immediate threat of losing sov.

I look forward to the replies.

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are you interested in PvP at all or no?

Dacian Armada Alliance look us upin game :wink:

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We are interested in light PvP and would most certainly train our members in proper fleet ops and NS life, even for newbros. We would be honored to help defend some systems, participate in the occasional roams and strategic ops. However, we lack the capacity to partake in large scale operations currently so station bashing, forcing timers or large scale wars are out of our reach. Our time and skills are better spent focusing on our industry efforts. Mining, Ratting, Exploration and production to support he backbone of an alliance or sov.

With a big enough alliance everyone is helpful. If you’re interested find me on discord rangerwolfy#4987

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We are chasing down leads and opportunities. I have added you on Discord, and will poke you asap.

Thank you for your time.

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