Open Positions for Miners and PvE Capsuleers

Had enough of Highsec mining and its false sense of safety? Are you looking for new challenges in PvE? Are you tired of low ISK/hour? Want to be part of a growing team of likeminded and fun capsuleers from around the world and all areas of life?

Join our cause! Become a member of our family and grow with us!

Infinitum Enterprises is a newly formed industry focused corporation in New Eden. We recently joined an international alliance of corporations named Invidia Gloria Comes and are looking to fill up our ranks with 5-10 new capsuleers.


  • Decent communication skills in English both written and spoken (Multilingual in Russian or German is a plus)

  • Interest in expanding your industrial horizon, from simple mining to all fields of production

What we offer

  • Teaching basic EVE Online mechanics (Skill plans, Neural Remaps, T2 invention and Production etc.) via inhouse training programs

  • Training in Nullsec life and mechanics of survival / evasion / engagement

  • Basic PvP training and occasional PvP focused fleets

  • Access to Skill Injectors below market value with a huge discount

  • Ore, mineral, salvage and PI buyback programs locally so you don’t have to haul

  • Access to our wide array of BPO-s for your own industrial endeavors

  • Alliance Jump Freighter Service

Why should you apply

Our members are experienced players from all parts of New Eden. We focus on creating a fun and welcoming environment for anyone to grow in, regardless of past experiences. Our training programs cover most of the mechanics EVE Online offers, however our expertise reaches far beyond the basics.

We are a laid-back group of people who love to spread weaponized memes, shoot incredibly bad jokes and enjoy EVE Online to its fullest. We don’t expect you to be online 24/7 – real-life comes first and as such we don’t want you to waste your precious and limited online time with things you don’t enjoy doing.

If you are interested, come and say hi in our public in-game channel IENT Public or our official public Discord server at

Reach out to Princess Infinitum or Aurora Akimoto Kumiko for more details or to check on your application status.

bumpy bump bump bump

not so daily bump

bi-daily bump, so it seems


Marginally early but definitely daily bump


Come join us guys. Good friendly bunch here!

Daily bump. Fantastic place to live with lots of activities and people on around the clock. Come join us and get involved.

Still recruiting all positions. feel free to contact Princess Infinitum or Aurora Akimoto Kumiko. Always the chance to come and say hi and see what we’re all about first as well.

Bump! Still recruiting. Heavy supply of new pilots coming in. Mining boosts available as well as plenty of anomalies.

Still plenty of space left. Regular ops occuring if you feel like joining them!

Daily bump!

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