Ingame map -- the red lines?

On the ingame map, your current route between systems is shown with blue lines. But what are the red lines? Some solid, some dashed? Feeling a little dense, I can’t solve the puzzle of what information they’re conveying.

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Post up a screenshot of it. Someone will be able to answer you.

They are the stargate-connections. Depending on are they between systems, between constellations or between regions, the style of the line changes.

Solid are the Systems in your current Constellation. Dashed are the Systems in other connecting Constellations. Dull lines are in another Constellation but not directly connected to your current one. This gives the map a sense of depth.

If you hover over the name of a Constellation you are not currently in, you will see all of the Systems in that Constellation go highlighted, and all of the dashed ones that connect to it will not highlight. This lets you quickly see the extent of a Constellation.


Thanks for the help all. o7

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