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When you look beyond your ship and into space can anyone tell me what that consolation of stars are that have those colorful lines going thru them represent?


If you have a destination set, those lines represent the path you’ll be taking through space.


Like @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode said, it’s the route you’ve set.

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Good to know thank you everyone


Back after that effect was first implemented, there was a thread posted about it, I forget if it was a contest or not, but it was for players to post the images created by those route lines. Anyway, I had 2 different images appear from those lines due to setting course routes:

The first one was the Letter ‘M’

And the second one was a ‘Bowtie’

Since then I’ve disabled that effect. I never really saw any need for it and I don’t want my graphics card to work harder than it needs to.


The locations of other systems have been included as part of the backdrop of each system.

So when you ‘set destination’, those lines are showing the actual jumps between actual systems within eve and are colour coded for sec status.

An amazing achievement by CCP.

As a side note, you may also notice a small greenish nebula that appears slightly different depending on which system you’re in and has apparently been changing over time. This is carolines star:


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