A new star in space

If you are in Map: Solitude - DOTLAN :: EveMaps and look around, you will find this star which is getting bigger and bigger since month.

Is this a new feature or bug again ?! :laughing:

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Looks like a normal star to me that is very close to your current star system. Try to set desto to all systems in your nearby star systems via the ingame map and have Route Lines enabled. One line should connect to the star.

There are other examples with very bright stars in the background. Check out Ignoitton - Carrou, for instance.


Stars do not have the points (the cross effect) in real life, that is an artifact of the imaging process, the veins in a telescope that hold some mirrors in the tube (if applicable, Newtonian veins causing diffraction), so this tells you something of the physical properties of the imaging technology they use.

Just a little FYI.

Those that do astrophotography know this.

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You’re right Zoiie, and I like it that our camera drones have these same artifacts as our current equipment when looking at stars (or at the sun). It adds a bit of realism.

This star doesn’t look any different than other bright stars I’ve seen. Like Zhalyd said, it is likely close by and thus one of the neighbouring systems.

Madame Solette, see if you can find the star: open the ingame map from your current position, figure out the direction to the cloud ring region (the circular nebula) and see if a route to any of the systems in that direction connect to this bright star.

I have noted a couple of new stellar objects similar to the one pictured above in the Amarr region of space, specifically in Jerma.

Do the same thing with setting route. Stars that twinkle and pulsate are actual stars of the cluster to which the route lines can connect to, while other stars are just background skybox points.

So here’s a particularly bright star from inside Cloud Ring. As far as I can tell, from the autopilot lines and the way the star gate points, it’s FD53-H.

There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly exciting there, so it’s probably just the way the game is rendering that particular star on the background.