Star anomaly!?

So I have just come back after some time away so maybe late to the game but I spotted this and wondered what is was!? last time I saw such a thing it was Caroline’s Star. The anomaly that looks like a supernova to me is seen from the Genesis region.

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That’s a normal star in the cluster. It looks like a very close by star. Set desto to nearby systems and have the route lines enabled and you’ll see which star it is.


A birthing star.
Looks to me like those hot clouds of gaseous elements and compounds that act as nurseries for stars.
“Interstellar gas clouds are common in many galaxies, like the Orion nebulae which many young stars are being born. A typical nebula is many light years in diameter and contains enough material mass to make several thousand stars the size of our sun.”
How neat!! If you find the name, let us know what system, please.,the%20size%20of%20our%20sun.

Check on map, it should be very close to you and in the correct direction when you compare map and system in 3D with what you see while being in system. Those stars look like that.

If you were in Genesis that is quite possibly the Eve Gate.
CCP recently (in the last month or so) revised the graphics for it and made it a more brilliant object in the sky. It is now visible from systems away from the New Eden system. This may be what you are seeing.

One of the most wonderful things about Eve is the background stars. They are the real locations not just some static image of “arbitrary starriness”. Its the details…


This does look like a very nearby system.

I remember years ago, think it was after the Nebula / Planet / Stargate upgrade, CCP had to shut down the servers so they could re-align some of the Stargates because they weren’t actually inline with the star systems they were linked to.

I agree, it’s the details…

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