Caroline's star

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I recently looked a bit about the previous events that hapenned in New Eden before I was even able to play any games, and one got my attention : the Caroline’s star.

From what I know, a star deep inside Jove Space exploded, or transformed in a Super Nova, but I would like to know : what really happenned in the game ? Does this was just a RP announcement from The Scope, or does it had an impact ?

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It wasn’t actually in Jove space. It was neighbouring their space.
I think the right chronicle is Inheritance to read more about it, off the top of my head anyway. And yes, it had a huge amount of backstory & lore in it, stuff characters in the world wouldn’t know, but that explained a lot for players.


It was the explosion of the Dyson Spehere / Stellar collection lattice over the star of W477-P.

Like @Nevyn_Auscent said, most comprehensive explanation of it is in the Inheritance -chronicle:

Originally we had no idea what it was, but it was the cataclysm that started, among other things, the decloaking of the Jove Observatories, emergence of the Circadian Seekers and later Drifters and the Jove handing over their seat in CONCORD to Society of Conscious Thought, to name a few things.

The chronicle is really good, I heartily recommend reading it.

And what originally happened in the game was that the smallish green gas could that is visible everywhere in New Eden suddenly appeared. Before popular vote it was called Superluminal Stellar Anomaly (of YC116) in The Scope, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue like “Caroline’s star.”


Wasn’t just a gas cloud, actually!

There are longer timelapses that show the full formation to nebula, but it was quite the thing. Once players noticed it, they triangulated it pretty quickly to around W477-P or so.


I made a report on this phenomenon when it appeared; A strange bright star appears in New Eden
It gives a good summary how it evolved, how it was experienced by folks across the cluster & also makes a mention of the older & now almost forgotten first Bright Star event.

Also has this neat timelapse:


Holy ■■■■ Jandice you’re alive? Haven’t seen you in like a billion years!


I’m still alive. Had science to do & experiments to run. But back in EvE now.


I will bring my new super tech and destroy this star. I’ve been with the sleepers for too long and seek vengeance!

Nothing hurt my soul more than that day, and now no one knows my tournament of the holy war and I want them all to burn!

This supernovae will be herd, and from its energy new life will form.


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There was a (in my opinion) far more interesting stellar phenomenon event in 2008. Some in-game speculation hinted the light seen might be evidence of a cataclysm on the other side of the EVE gate finally reaching New Eden.

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I just finished reading that right now. God DAMN Raish came in like a boss.

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I was there. Not only did Caroline’s Star brighten and then dim, and then a year later Nova, but in YC108 and 109 another star visibly brighten for three weeks that was higher than the highest star in all of New Eden.

The Nova of Caroline’s Star triggered additional Nova’s in at least a dozen other systems that I know of, all with a similar star type which also just happens to contain a rare Hydrogen-3 isotope, which is also commonly found in abandoned Jovian facilities. The Nova had the effect of shattering every planet in the system, as well as turning any ore belts into fine, fine, space dust…

Thera was one of the systems where the central star also Nova’d almost simultaneously or shortly after Caroline’s Star Nova’d frying every planet in the system, and many of the Drifter Systems in unknown space also contain shattered stars and planets, along with unstable rogue wormholes, which were revealed after the Nova of Caroline’s Star.

The first noticeable effect though after the Nova, was that the ruined Jovian Observatories became visible. Since then, the Drifters have showed up to loot Jovian Observatories and gather human bodies.

Caroline’s Star

Thera and the Shattered Wormholes

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Are you referring to the Seyllin incident? While Inheritance tells us that Caroline’s Star was affected by it, I don’t recall the star ever being mentioned in relation to the incident when it first occurred in Apocrypha in '09. When it finally exploded 5 years later the only systems affected (that we have access to) were shattered systems like Thera, which was actually hit by both incidents.

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