Would the Tesla Roadster reach New Eden yet?

So if all goes well, Space X is launching a Roadster today. If they screw up the orbit and instead escape towards the New Eden cluster, could one of us accidentally probe it down by now?

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The bright star; conjecture mounts

This article from Feb. 2008 has one character postulating that a bright light seen all around New Eden might be the evidence of some cataclysmic event, potentially associated with the closure of the EVE Gate. One if the juicy inplications is that we in New Eden have only recently seen evidence of the Sol side of the EVE Gate cataclysm, which almost assuredly must have wiped out our solar system.

If there’s any credence to that conjecture in terms of canon New Eden lore, it means it took light whatever immense stretch of time has passed since the Gate’s closure to reach New Eden.

So…I doubt it.

While Carolines Star could be related to something happening back in the good old Milky Way, it’s been less then 20,000 years since the EVE gate was destroyed and the Milky Way is 100,000 LY’s across. So either it isn’t the Milky Way blast reaching us, the blast traveled FTL, or the EVE gate shifted users through both time as well as space. Personally I think Carolines Star is something else but there is no way to know for certain right now.

I get your point, but I’d like to point out that what I’m referring to isn’t Caroline’s Star. It’s similar, in that it is a stellar phenomenon inexplicably visible simultaneously all across New Eden, but there’s about 6 years between these two events. This happened back in 2008, the Caroline’s Star stuff started in 2014, and was linked to the supernova in the W477-P system in (former?) Jove space. This 2008 incident never got any kind of resolution. Just another mystery.

The whole point of the article was that New Eden’s scientists had no idea wtf was going on, that the appearance of the object didn’t mesh well with known laws of physics.

My mistake, I thought there was only one phenomenon like that in the lore.

More space junk

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