Why are these starts so bright? And where are they?

As you can see im in Sirppala
And there are 2 unusually bright stars in the Southeast and Southwest of my ship
(Nort is where the golden line points to on the tactical overlay)

What systems are these stars in?
It cannot be Vard, Turnur or Egmar as i have show route in space and the routes to thhose places point somewhere differnt.

According to the Eveonline Twitter the Minmatar Republic has launched their own stellar transmuters since they gathered enough info on em.
Could these 2 systems be it possibly?
Does anyone know more?

I know some dudes can pinpoint systems if you want i can take screenshots from surrounding systems so you can do yer maths (i could do the maths to but im to lazy to make up he formula of pinpointing)

If anyone knows more tell me!

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It cannot be the system Ohide where minmatar launched their own stellar transmuter.

Also the source that it got launched:
(1) EVE Online on Twitter: “BREAKING: Reports of a Republic Stellar Transmuter under construction in the Barkrik system confirmed, indicating that the Minmatar Republic has reached a critical point of understanding in its Transmuter research :satellite::sunny: #tweetfleet #NewEdenNews https://t.co/NXjAtyxHSK” / Twitter

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That’s becuase they are actual stars in the New Eden Cluster. Set desto to nearby systems and you will see that the route lines connect to these stars. It is an absolutely normal thing.

Oh ok so its just stars that are close

There it is, Mittens! Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.”

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