New video: Stellar Transmuter in Vard unfurls solar sails

It seems that the Stellar Transmuter in the Vard system is approaching the final phase of completion. Video footage of the current state of the Transmuter I made today is below. My apologies for the choppy video, I was met by constant attacks from the Amarr Navy, it is unclear to me why they opened fire on me without warning.


Beautiful. Divine.

And it would never have happened without sedevacantism, for the money-grubbing anti-Empress would never have thought to start munching the stars the Minmatar think are theirs were it not for our constant criticism of her liberalism, abolitionism, and otherwise failure to restart the Reclaiming.

Munch, munch, munch, Minmatar. Munch, munch, munch.

What a glorious news, for this coronation week!

Once again scientific breakthrough is driven by the Empire, as it has always been, ever since the day of the first stargate.

It is not democracy, nor corporate market mechanics, nor hateful chaos that best drives science. It is faith and divine inspiration. Science freed from the plebiscite of the masses about what is best investigated with taxpayer’s money, freed from short-term profit calculations of which research could be best monetized, freed from the directive of resentment against us. Driven solely by the goal of better understanding God’s creation, Amarr science leads the cluster once again and evermore.


Choppy as the file may be, this has provided ample inspiration for my next painting. I have yet to presign a title to the piece, though the library of hues I shall utilize is ever clear. Thank you for the footage, Merdaneth, and for the solution to a formerly long withstanding art block.

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A small point of clarification, they are not solar sails. They are shields to protect the delicate machinery from harmful solar radiation.

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I wonder where this will lead. Super weapon based on isogen-5? Ships using stellar matter?

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