Jove Space Stellar Event

So just having finished a ratting site I noticed something that wasn’t there this morning in the Northern sky over Malpais… a bright pulsating star with a ~15second cycle, just above the ecliptic, almost due North from my position which puts it firmly in Jove space… any new events we haven’t been made aware of in New Eden?
(left of centre)


Nice find maybe the trigs are having a party? We should call it the Mileghere conundrum.


I can confirm the object is somewhere in the North of the region UUA-F4, near the system LQH0-H.

*triangulated by observing from Northern Cobalt Edge.


It’s been a while since i was out in Cobalt Edge, its deffo a conundrum and as such should be named as stated in my previous post. Fly safe fellow pilot o7.

:red_circle: Are you sure that you are not mistaking normal star flickering for a “stellar event”? I mean, that star in the bottom left next to the red star also increased in size. And in your second picture that star on the left edge of the picture also changed size. I’m pretty sure you are just seeing thing.

it’s not flickering, it’s a regular pulsation.

Some stars are pulsating in EVE, those that you can see on map. Pulsating since few years ago. Some are really bright looking. You may want to keep observing it if you think its more unusual than others. Thats what astronomers do, sometimes they find something stranger.


I remember when they had some cloud ring thing appear.
Then came the drifters. They violenced me.


Mr. Wolfhammer, could you show the court, on this doll, where the Drifters touched you? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:


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