Pictures of Regions in Eve

is there a website/blog that gathers visuals and screenshots of Eve Regions?
cheers, kind regards

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Paging @Lyra_North-Onren and @Phaedrus_Vokan

thanks for this, Astaire!

They haven’t even replied yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not suggesting that you reach out to them. If they’re interested in posting their galleries, they’ll do so.

yes but I was thanking you for your effort nonetheless :wink: Happy new year!

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Lyra’s photo portfolio. Enjoy!


Do you know the names of these nebulae? If not, do you know who might?

They’re generally just named after where they are as far as I know. The ones that aren’t named after regions are the Vapor Sea, Ginnungagap, the Cauldron and the Jove nebula.

Vapor Sea is down south between Stain and Querious.
Ginnungagap is up between Minmatar space and the Kaedarva Expanse.
The Cauldron is by Khanid and Kor-Azor.
The Jove nebula is in Jove space.

The names on the page are as accurate as I know.

Don’t know if it’s up to date but it’s an interesting site.

Thank you guys! I think the name of the minmatar nebula is Mjolnir. At least, that’s what I think the books referred to it as.

Katia Sae has explored lots of New Eden and wormhole space. I think she’s posted galleries on her website

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Thx 4 the heads up heard about her record breaking journey.

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