Is there a system in this nebula

Pictures where made in ammar space.

As an enjoyer of traveling to nice places in eve i would like to know Are there system inside this nebula?

More not a nebula its more like a spacecloud…
Idk scientific name dont judge me

Not just a system, a whole region is in that Nebula.

I remember seeing that Nebula from when I lived in Querious last year.

(It’s easy to see skyboxes of other parts of the universe if you view planets in those systems in those systems remotely, so I’ll do just that for a quick remote route through New Eden.)

Even from as far as Delve you can see the nebula you were talking about in the distance:

If you move to Querious, you can see you’re getting closer:

If you move even further in the direction of the nebula, in Khanid it feels like you’re almost there:

From Tash-Murkon which is situated to the east of Khanid and south of Amarr you get a sideways glance of the nebula:

Another look from Tash-Murkon, but now more into the direction of Domain, where you can see the bright golden nebulae that surround Domain appearing on the right:

This means the nebula you were looking for is more north west of Tash-Murkon, north of Khanid and a bit to the west of Domain.

Looks like the region of Kor-Azor is situated in the nebula!


One of the joys of Eve is that it isn’t really a “skybox” in the traditional sense of a static rendered object. It’s a real render of the view of the New Eden cluster from your current position in it. Stars, nebula and all.
You can do real astrometry in Eve - historically people have both within the cluster and more impressively to calculate the relative position of Anoikis (the systems accessed through wormholes).

It’s “Nebula” from the Latin for cloud or mist.
It covers an awful lot of things from massive dusty regions of space where new stars form, to the dusty region around a star (planetary nebulae) to the debris from a supernova.

I do think the skybox is static rendered object though, one for each region, but I do love that you can see the nebulae from different angles depending on in which region you are.

I can see the cloud ring (in which the Cloud Ring region is situated) from my home in Pure Blind for example, but that view doesn’t change as long as I stay within the region of Pure Blind.

You’re right about stars though!
I love that we can see all star systems around us projected on the skybox, which becomes evident when you set a route that causes the route to be projected on those same stars in the skybox. And that when you jump (gate or cyno) to another star your ship jumps in the direction of that star on the map and skybox. If you pay attention to this you can even figure out which system a capital ship jumped to.

You are very possibly right - a hybrid rendering model would make a lot of sense. I’ve not paid much attention to how the nebulae change depending on your position in a region - which would would expect to see as an effect if you went, for example, from one side of Domain to another.

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