[ARC] The Nebulae Windows

Fellow Capsuleers

As some of you already know, ARC is turning back to the Drifter Hives in the near future. This is part of a greater endeavour to consolidate knowledge about our known - and maybe yet unknown - wormhole space and the the recent Triglavian developments; this includes wormhole behaviour and sun topology. As a sideproduct of this rather tedious work, we want to share with you some light and illustrative results.

In order to make it easier to assess wormhole exit points by visual inspection of the wormholes’ distortion fields we created a new quick reference sheet. There have been several versions out there for some years and they see heavy use. However, we thought it would be worth the time to make a major update and create some new montages of every region’s characteristic nebula in a good resolution. Feel free to share the resulting nebulae reference sheet.

As you will see, the general layout follows a very well known and distributed earlier chart by an author unknown to us. Also, EVE_NT offered a great help to assemble the motives. Both deserve due credit. However, as you will realize, our updated chart follows a different philosophy. The montages do not represent exact depiction of actual scale and distances. They combine characteristic nebula features in more artistic, idealized, and compact way. The focus lies on major characteristic, quick recognition, and educational purposes.

For those who never get tired of our beautiful Nebulae we have processed stills in standard resolution for your desktop. We decided to skip all unnecessary overlay or advertisement but you will find one version with the respective regions’ name as watermark on top. Enjoy the stills as desktop slideshow or adapt them as you wish.

Nebulae Windows Collection 1920x1080 (labeled)

Nebulae Windows Collection 1920x1080 (plain)

Yes, higher resolutions might be available in the future. Please bear with us.


Haria Haritimado


Wow… thank you. I think it will look really great in my quarters :slight_smile:

Thank you for these!

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