Some Interesting Findings Regarding Some Of The Nebulas In Anoikis And New Eden

Below, are some screenshots Ive taken during my wormhole travels.
Now, take a closer look.

Left: New Eden Nebulae
Right: Anoikis Nebulae

Now I have a theory. (or maybe the art team are lazy. ha ha)
Perhaps Anoikis isn’t what we know it to be. Maybe it isn’t another galaxy.
When we go through those wormholes, we aren’t going to Anoikis, rather, we are going into an alternate dimension. The 4th dimension?
Think about it, why would some of the nebulae in Anoikis look exactly like the ones of New Eden?

Now this is just a theory, don’t bite my head off.

Your thoughts?

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except the art team can work on it and change it

This. IIRC the wormhole systems are copies of systems in k-space.

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wormhole systems have been out for how long now? Im sure they could have changed it by now.
I like the “dimensional theory” imo, seemed pretty cool.

Well, the 4th dimension is time, and assets were reused to save time, maybe you’re on to something? :smile:

–Gadget looks at all of a problems dimensions

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