The Anoikis Mapping Project

Dear Capsuleers of the known space and of the Anoikis clusters,

The Anoikis Mapping Project is proud to announce that it has placed an observer in every known system in the Anoikis wormhole cluster. After the initial phase has been completed, the goal of this operation is now to keep close attention to possible space-time anomalies which could pose any dangers for the local inhabitants.
I personally have to thank Quafe for the massive recruiting help it did on finding willing pilots who are proud to be the eyes and ears in those desolate places.

Best regards,

AMP Marremerwit Serine
~Project Lead


Hello sir!

Writing to you with a question. I would like to know the goal of Anoikis Mapping Project. What is the purpose of this all and did you found something interesting.

With regards.
Grand Adtur

Hello fine sir!

Preparations are being done to do some tracking about cosmic signatures and how these might be influenced by capsuleer structure deployments. There is also a constant lookout for any unexpected things to show up in those system like possible new landmarks and the like, but so far nothing of significance has been found unfortunately.

Best regards,
AMP Marremerwit Serine