Signal Cartel's Survey Of The 'Shattered Wormholes' - A Preliminary Report

For the last several months, Signal Cartel members have been engaged in a comprehensive survey within the Anoikis Cluster, using an in-house, prototype onboard navigation AI (known by the designation ‘ALLISON’) that is installed in all the Signal Cartel spacecraft operating throughout Anoikis at any given time.

This survey has been working towards accurately determining the locations of the subclusters of so-called ‘shattered wormholes’ and their positions relative to each other, the rest of Anoikis, and to New Eden.

Access to the ALLISON program facilitated a totally different method of data acquisition to that used during Project Compass several years ago, and we have gathered enough data to release a preliminary report into our findings, written by project lead and ALLISON chief designer, A Dead Parrot.

You can read it on Signal Cartel’s official media outlet here. You may find it surprising, even revelatory; and your comments and contributions are welcome.


My my, perhaps the very first bit of spooky space navigational wizardry I’ve enjoyed, read without skimming or found entirely pointless. In fact, this was rather good.

What kind of public documentation exists regarding this ALLISON program and its inner workings?


The inner workings of ALLISON are rather carefully guarded but you can always contact her creator, A Dead Parrot, for what scraps he is willing to share. :sunglasses:


Fair enough, I’m just asking since it’d appear this data is heavily relying on ALLISON for being gathered and perhaps even interpreted, so at least those mechanisms can be with fairly good reason questioned unless it’s at least partly open-sourced for verification purposes.

It’s not that I suspect Signal Cartel of being in any way malicious here, it’s just that independent verification - and preferably replication - of results such as these is something of a staple when it comes to good science.


Oh, perfectly understood. At this point, however, while the interim results are interesting enough to share, there is a need for more data to confidently announce any conclusions. At some point further along the trail, our researchers may choose to share the intricacies of their research and tools. It will be their call to make as to what and when.


I look forward to further reports


This is amazing work…


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