New Nebulae?

Oï !
Alright, I might go full retard here, but eh, that’s why I’m here ^^
Recently, while running a mission in the Niyabeinen system, in The Forge, I noticed something in the background just before activating the Acceleration Gate.
Basically, when I stroll around moving stuff in an Industrialist, I take time to look a bit at the nebulaes when warping (Gallente one is the best in my opinion), but I’ve never noticed this one :


As you can see, it’s damn close to Caroline’s star remnant

By the deep red, I first thought that it was a Minmatar nebula, but it’s generally more on a orange/brown tone. Maybe this red could be associated to Triglavians ?

I think I smoked a bit too much of catnip… Anyone thinking the same or can I go back to sniffing croissants ?

Sasha Viderzei

Edit : enlarge the screenshot with Caroline’s star to see the red nebula

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i think yer looking at minmatar and amarr space. ye sure that’s the rest of the star that one chick with questionable personality found?

Well ye mate, dunno a lot of green nebula, even Gallente ones have more blue innit

The first picture is part of the Minmatar main nebula. Although, I would say that it’s a bug that it is there at all because it looks terribly low quality and way out of place from the main nebula body.

On the other hand: It could also be the Kalevala Expanse nebula from a weird angle and very far distance as The Forge has direc access to Etherium Reach, where you see the KE nebula as well.

The second is the Caroline’s Star nova nebula that started to appear with the introduction of the Drifters years ago.


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