Does anyone know what this is?

Considering that we had Caroline’s Star, I must ask. Does anyone know what this line is?

It shows up in multiple systems in Amarr space. It looks like it’s a route between two star systems, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint which ones.

My guess, a graphical artifact, maybe the seam between parts of the sky box. Doubt it is anything intentional.

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That’s the scaffolding they are erecting for the Aiko statue.

@Githany_Red check it out! @Vinnegar_Douche


It is the tear in the fabric of the reality caused by Amarr sins and all of you slavers are going to fall into it.

EDIT: oh, and there is nothing under that fabric of course :smirk:

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I see it every time I set a destination it shows up white and looks like traces between stars.

That’s another thing. It’s a feature. As you can see on the screenshots, there is no route set.

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