Installing EVEMon

Hi all! I started the game last week, loving everything so far. I’ve been trying to figure out where the API can be found so I can install Evemon, which from what I’ve been told is a reccomended third party app to help with character development for the game?

I’ve got some character development ideas I’d like to test out, but no way to test them or see how long it’d take. I’m loving the game so far, and would love to see what sort of investment is needed to make this happen.

Any help on this would be appreciated, I keep being linked to here:

^Which just appears to be an article about an update, absolutely no use what so ever.


Thanks for this, much appreciated!

Where’s the version that doesn’t involve signing up to be a developer? Like just a normal program or app.

Gone. Be sure to thank CCP.

It stopped functioning when the old XML and CREST APIs got retired. For now the current version (v4.0.5) is the only way to use EVEMon.

There are some issue that are going to be fixed to make it more like it used to be:

In order to fix these issues it is very possible that the entire program-code has to be rewritten


its not bad that you use your own Developer id


Actually, yes it is. For one thing, is CCP gonna send me a check for basically being an employee? No? Then I don’t need a developer account. Secondly, you can be banned if anything goes wrong with your ID attached to it. That means even if something glitches, your account can be toasted. Sorry, not interested. I commend the EvEmon dev for trying to keep it alive. However, until it’s divorced from CCP’s idiocy, no thanks.

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so why you think the Dev want you to have your own Developer ID?
no need to answer … maybe you get it :wink:


Because they once again half-assed something and this time blamed it on their lawyers.


lol … ok … everything you want …



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