Installing on a Mac M1 Mini

Just got an Mac M1 Mini. Went to Eve Online’s download page, and it knew I was on a Mac. However, when launching the Eve Launcher, it said it needed to install Rosetta. I know that Eve Online runs natively on Macs since late last year, so why is it asking me to install Rosetta? I thought that was only needed for Intel chips.

Sorta answer: just have to click through it.

There’s some fellow Mac users: Mac OS - EVE Online Forums

The launcher needs rosetta, but eve itself runs natively. Just install rosette (you’ll need it for other apps swell) it runs like a charm.

I am returning the Mac Mini. It is the 8CPU/8GB (default) version, and the game stutters half the time when coming out of warp. Docking also seems to take a long time. So I’m going back to something I know works well: a ninth gen I7 with a graphics card. I would get a Mac Studio, but at $2k that’s not in the cards right now. Maybe in the future.