Instrumentality of Trade welcomes you to nullsec industry!

Who are we?
We see the corp more as an open forum to find common activities in industry (new markets, products etc). Since partly moving to the Great Wildlands, we also do regular Moon mining, PvP, and PvE ops out of NPC Nullsec from our staging system there (where we have stations as well). We are primarily an indy corp. We have a Raitaru set up in Highsec for our research and production needs. Join us and expect a good base for boosting the start of your industry undertakings.

Currently, we are a handful of people, and we are looking for mature, social players that are interested in learning and having fun. As the founder of the corp I see it as my primary role to find you new content, as long as you show interest. I care about my corp mates being tolerant and respectful. We treat each other excellently and expect the same of you.

We have a flat organizational structure, where people collaborate on a project basis. If you participate in mining operations, for instance, expect to keep all you make. If you join up in PvP, we will make sure that your losses are balanced out by supplying appropriate ships for our fleets. We are here to support each other with a large and growing blueprint library.
We still have a highsec chapter of the corp where we are currently expanding our moon mining operations. Even if only taking part in highsec content, you will have the benefit of our nullsec market and resources we transport back.

What are we looking for?
The most important qualities we look for are good people that are interested in starting something new and learning along the way. Therefore we have no prerequisites in terms of SP, preferred roles, etc. If you work well with the corp, we will find the content we need. If participating in Nullsec activities, we prefer it for you to be on voice comms when in game, at least listening.

We have members spread out over US and EU time zones (personally in GMT+1).

Head on over to our discord and say hello! IoT welcomes you.

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