★★★ Insurgence. Recruiting Active Meat shields for NULL SEC ★★★

(dev0n) #1

Do you miss the time when you did not have to think for yourself and enjoyed lazy days of following battle commands of others? Those days can be yours again!

Insurgence Seeks minions to sacrifice their lives in world domination attempt.
Messy death inevitable but costumes and laser death rays provided.

Join Pub Channel: 5URG3 Pub

We Provide:
Big Fleets, Black Ops, Roams, WHs.
Helpful vets rumbling about the good ol’ days.
ISK making opportunities: ratting, Mining, PI and so much more.
Your first capital ship (if you are good) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Established Alliance in Null Security Space

What we require:
Be Respectful, social and active
Comms - yes, we will force you to speak
Active PVPer, no treehuggers
Minimum 10 million skill points (Inject at your own risk).

Public Ingame Channel: 5URG3 Pub
Recruitment Contacts: QAOTIC USTZ and dev0n EUTZ

(dev0n) #2

Still looking :slight_smile:


We want all the pvpers.

(dev0n) #4

Looking for EU dudes :slight_smile:

(dev0n) #5

Come join :slight_smile:

(dev0n) #6

Still looking :slight_smile:

(dev0n) #7

And up we go :slight_smile:

(Peter Doom) #8

and up we go :sunny:


Want to use your super or titan to pvp? Join 5URG3 today!

(QAOTIC) #10

Pew pew!

(system) #11

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