Intaki V-V Market

Orvolle has had its day

Come trade at the new 0.6 System in the Intaki V (Intaki Prime) - Moon 5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery station.

We have:

Large Skill Injectors
Memory Augmentation
Daily Alpha Injector
Women’s ‘Vise’ Cybernetic Arm
Women’s ‘Vise’ Cybernetic Arm (blue and black ringed right)
Nanoheuristic Clone Mapper
Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB3 Dose

And much much more come by purchase something if you Security Status is Low enough we are a lot closer then Jita and we won’t screw you too hard.

Intaki V-V

This advert was brought to you by Mastir Reborn Technologies inc. Bringing Enlightenment Through Technology

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With the recent change in Intaki’s security status to 0.5, we may need a new commercial, but Intaki V-5 remains open for business, and welcomes our new hisec customers.

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