Intaki V-V Trade Hub - Business Opportunities

Namas Tayam (Greetings All)

I am in the process of planning some delightful events for baseliners within the Viriette constellation however as I’m sure you all are aware sometimes events require certain products and merchandise to be gathered therefore today I have put up some buy orders that I’m sure some of you may have the products to fill.

Tourists 50,000/50,000 5,000.00 ISK
Box of Chocolates 50/50 1,500,000.00 ISK
Dice of Jade 20/20 1,300,000.00 ISK
Dropsuit Fragment 1/1 50,000,000.00 ISK
Gamealfur Ale 1,000/1,000 60,000.00 ISK
High-Tech Small Arms 1,000/1,000 100,000.00 ISK
Intaki Spiced Tea 10/10 7,000,000.00 ISK
Janitor 10,000/10,000 7,000.00 ISK
Kaalakiota Peaks Vodka 1,000/1,000 70,000.00 ISK
Long-limb Roes 50,000/50,000 2,870.00 ISK
Protein Delicacies 500,000/500,000 200.00 ISK
Sarpati Reserve Brandy 100/100 500,000.00 ISK
Starsi 1,000/1,000 100,000.00 ISK
Synthetic Coffee 10,000/10,000 5,000.00 ISK
Test Dummies 50/50 1,500,000.00 ISK
Tobacco 500,000/500,000 60.00 ISK
Frozen Food 500,000/500,000 118.00 ISK
Copy of the GF Constitution 10/10 1,000,000.00 ISK

All these orders can be found at the Intaki V - Moon 5 - Astral Mining Inc. Refinery Placid Station(Trade Hub) I have not included all the items I need here just a few so please pop buy and take a gander at which buy orders you may be equipped to fill.

All buy orders relating to this can be found under the consumer products and special edition commodities tabs on your neocom.


Fun times ahead?


All for very sensible pursuits I assure you.

All you need is exotic dancers and you have yourself what my clan calls an average tuesday.


Very concerned by the lack of pharmaceutical buy orders. If someone else has already provided you narcotics and other party favors; I can assure you Coreli Corporation can beat their price, delivery speed, and customer service. Be sure to see our full page add in the latest edition of the “Bad Bunny” magazine published by the Venal Prosperity Network for a complete listing of available products.


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Nobody reads the ads or articles in that magazine. You cut out the centerfold and hang it in your shop.

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In Viriette that’s Kendu Illustrated anyway.


Namas Mr Havoc,

I will note that not all items appear on the list above however the ILF do not deal in the use of non medical pharmaceutical goods and therefore as a member it would be highly irregular for me to put up buy orders for that nature of product.

If however the many years have changed or enhanced your corporations output I would love to deal with you in any more medically focused supplies. If not, I don’t believe you will be able aid me further in this however the thought is very much appreciated.

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