[ORPN] Trading in Genesis, and a statement of purpose

Greetings, IGS! I’m Kayagainen Iwalula, the founder and CEO of the Orpana Discount Market, a new venture within the Genesis region, specifically the Hirizan and Petidu systems, that I’d like to make you all aware of. If you operate near this area, or within the northern reaches of the Kador region, or are a capsuleer who simply wants great-quality specialized items at a cheap price, then you may be interested in what I’m offering. While this may come off primarily as an advertisement as well, as my goal is to make you aware of the discount goods that we’re selling in Genesis, there is a greater purpose towards this that I’ll expand upon. A summary of my intentions is provided at the bottom, however.

I’m sure that anyone that operates anywhere away from a trade hub has felt the frustration involved with having to travel great distances, sometimes putting themselves in danger if they have to travel through systems like Niarja or Uedama, simply to keep themselves self-sustaining. Most of the training I received during my time in the Science and Trade Institute was done in the Uchoshi system, located in the Forge, yet at the same time far away from many of the comforts that more built-up sectors of Caldari space may know. Convenience is what keeps trade hubs lively, of course, but I’ve found that convenience is something that can be fought with enough incentive - namely, discounts.

"What are you discounting, though? Just what are you selling?"

One thing to know about our market is that we sell a carefully curated amount of goods gained from our suppliers, who work primarily in the business of ridding local space of the various criminal organizations that inhabit it. Anyone that has operated in the area we are knows that Genesis is often plagued by the Blood Raiders, and thanks to the connections the region offers, Sansha and even Serpentis forces lay nearby. While formidable, upon their routing, they often leave behind a great deal of things that capsuleers could find interest in. Salvageable materials, datacores, decryptors, and certain enhanced ship modules. Our suppliers often come across modules that are worth a great deal of ISK on their own, not to mention the gradual buildup of ISK that can be gained from selling large amounts of the three former mentioned items. While we may come across other items occasionally, those that are commonly found through exploring the nooks of space that criminal aspects hide in are our specialty.

As mentioned above, our primary operations take place in the Hirizan system, with consideration paid to our suppliers that often risk themselves going in to the low-security space that is nearby. As ORPN is a Wiyrkomi-affiliated venture, our main base of operations is the Wiyrkomi factory that orbits Hirizan VIII. As we sell many industry-related goods, the idea is that other capsuleers will find convenience in the facilities offered by Wiyrkomi and choose to manufacture products of their own there. Certainly to this end, a supply of minerals will be necessary for this, and is something that is currently being worked on as we continue to reprocess large amounts of the less valuable modules found within vacated pirate premises.

Perhaps unique to our approach of selling things is that while our suppliers often face problems that are created by pirate capsuleers, we also realise that they often have large amounts of ISK as well, although without easy access to high-security space. To address this, we also sometimes sell a curated selection of goods, mostly modules useful in combat with other capsuleers, at the Freedom Extension-owned station orbiting the eighth moon of Petidu IX. While the station’s primary use is as a storage facility and thus lacks industrial capabilities, we intend to use it solely for retail purposes, although on a definitely smaller scale than our business in Hirizan.

"Why Genesis, though? Why not sell in the area where your name is derived from? And why is this in the IGS instead of a trading channel?"

While our operations are by no means intended to stay static and we could just as easily start a new venture somewhere else in New Eden, our focus on Genesis comes both from the convenience that is afforded with having many different criminal groups to source from, as well as a desire to invigorate the area through brand establishment. Those that have been paying attention to the movements of the Triglavians will know that Genesis and northern Kador is no stranger to their devastating reach. Just recently, there were Triglav forces based out of Seshi and Iaokit, both systems and their surrounding areas being those that we source from and do business in. As of the writing of this post, there is currently one based in the Lela system, with some areas such as Azedi (which does have a habitable planet) being under siege nearly twice in the span of a week.

What is important to remember is that these areas that are being affected may not attract the same capsuleer interested in defeating them as, perhaps, one that is located somewhere closer to a place like Jita. The Amarrian citizens that inhabit these systems often find themselves facing much more powerful Triglav assaults than those in more frequented areas, as there often isn’t as big of a force to halt their growth. As such, the demand for relief efforts in these affected areas is greatly important. ORPN may operate with personal profit in mind, but as someone who has spent much time in a far-out place like Uchoshi, I understand the need in helping out those that live in the less-serviced sectors of New Eden. With Wiyrkomi’s assistance, we are in the process of delivering many WiCare™ packages to the planets and other such nearby areas around affected systems that are in need. I anticipate that systems like Azedi will be in great need of these services, which is why I attribute the importance of this venture to more than just personal profits.

To summarize, we are a new discount retail venture operating out of the Hirizan Wiyrkomi factory, with some business also being conducted in the Petidu IX Moon 8 Freedom Extension station. We mainly, as of now, offer datacores, decryptors, salvaged materials and pirate-enhanced modules, sourced from the nearby populations of Blood Raiders, Sansha, and Serpentis. Our goals lie not just in profit, but to invigorate trade and manufacturing in the space we occupy, and if we should ever find ourselves moving, our goal is to ultimately leave the space in a better-off condition than we found it in. Your ISK will not just go to ORPN, but also to help the citizens of Genesis and northern Kador that have been adversely affected by the recent numerous Triglavian invasions recover from the assaults.

I thank you for your consideration and for your possible business, whether you are buying or selling in southern Genesis or northern Kador. Should you have any inquiries, I would be more than happy to address them.


I’m providing an update of what’s going on with ORPN at the moment, but I’d firstly like to offer my sympathies to those that suffered at the hands of the dishonorable terrorist attacks in the Federation, and that the perpetrators are brought to proper justice.

Genesis is once again at the mercy of two seperate invasions, although this time the blame is spread between the Triglavians and the Sansha. While they do eventually subside, the effects of these invasions linger, as an uptick in Blood Raider activity in Iaokit and surrounding areas was noted by our supplier after the Triglav forces based in that system retreated. This will likely effect what we sell as far as modules go, as you may expect to see more Corpii-built modules for sale, rather than Centii or Coreli in the near future due to our supplier acting on their movements.

ORPN has recently taken in about 400 million ISK worth of profits from our goods sold in Hirizan and Petidu. Of that, 50 million has been sequestered for the shipping in of wheat, livestock, water, and other essential items which will, when safe, be transported to one of the MIO stations in western Genesis. Whether the sales are a result of this IGS post or not, I still thank everyone here for the consideration, and for possibly helping ORPN in our goal to leave where we are better than how we found it.

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As Mr. Iwalula has fallen ill recently, and as I supply the goods for his market that he’s got going on, I figure I should come in here to talk about what’s been going on, and why there’s been no orders put up in Hirizan or Petidu lately. It’s not because he’s fallen ill or anything like that.

For some reason, a day or so after the terrorist attacks on various Federation presidential candidates, Wiyrkomi had seen fit to recall some of the higher-ups working out here in Genesis, one of them being an agent that was sponsoring Mr. Iwalula’s market. I suppose I’m just assuming it’s somewhat related because I’ve heard through the grapevine that they’re bound for their station in Placid, but for all I know it could just be something mundane. In any case, Wiyrkomi has not expressed any further interest in being linked to Mr. Iwalula’s operation, so as a result, we’ve had to go shopping around for anyone else in the area that might want to take him on.

Fortunately for him, he’s found one rather quickly in Zoar & Sons. While there’s not as much financial support there that having a megacorporation like Wiyrkomi behind us would give, Zoar gave him the best offer and it’s what he ended up taking. Cheaper reprocessing, lower fees, all of that. As of now, we’ve slowly been moving what inventory we have from Hirizan over to the Zoar factory in Abhan, where we’ll eventually be putting his stock up for sale. This also means for the sake of our logistics, Mr. Iwalula has been searching around for a new lowsec base to sell his alternative goods from. As in that case, all that’s really needed is just a space to sell goods from, he’s expressed interest in the Naka system, as it links the two areas of lowsec Genesis together or however he’s described it. As that system is currently invaded by Triglavians, moving things there is more than a little problematic, but it’s his hops that people will buy from there just as much as they did in Petidu.

I’m sure this operation in Genesis will last for as long as assistance is needed in the area, and with all the recent attacks here, we’ll probably be here for a while.

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