Welcome to Genesis

Dear Capsuleers,

as the person responsible for the communication of the latest initiative for the promotion of economy, culture and prosperity in the sphere of influence of the Amarr Empire, I want to inform about our Information portal for Genesis, an extremely important region for the whole of New Eden.

We are able to provide some basic information here in as easily understandable a form as possible, highlighting the many benefits of living in the region and inviting people to take advantage of the opportunities it offers and contribute to a further increase in culture and prosperity.

Thanks to the outstandingly good framework that Genesis offers for citizens of all professions and arts, I am proud to be a central part of this valuable initiative. On behalf of all Royal Houses of Amarr, I invite you to make our beautiful region, rich in raw materials as well as challenges and opportunities, your home. No matter what your profession or art may be, we greet you and welcome you here.


Catherine Aven-Reya
Genesis Ambassadrice


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