Jita 4-4: Citizens, Rejoice!

I would like to congratulate Citizens of the State and Citizens of the whole New Eden with opening of new Jita 4-4 trade hub! It will signify a new chapter of Interstellar trade, prosperity and cooperation between our corporations and capsuleers alike.

And especially I would love to congratulate our glorious Caldari Navy and, of course, Pikotsaunen Kaatso Nuijaa Interstellar Consortium who have successfully realised such ambitious and grandiose project, solidifying leading positions of our State on the economical arena of our cluster!

Glory to the State!


As a long term resident of space stations I really appreciate the vibrant and lively look of Jita 4-4, and Iā€™m looking forward to other projects around New Eden following suit.

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I hope they are going to re-design some on the other marketing hubs like Amarr

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