Is Jita 4-4 getting a tether?

I see that Jita 4-4 is in the process of some expansion. Here and there I’ve heard mention of that station getting a tether. Normally I’d disregard the RUMINT but I thought given some of the recent changes nothing is really off the table. Can anyone say one way or the other?

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This is from reddit not sure how true it is! i have also seen a video on youtube

I would like to see more of this on other stations!


It’s true that Jita 4-4 is getting an expansion and face lift, but a tether on an NPC station would be a pretty radical change. It would change the ecosystem of Jita quite a bit. There’s an entire ecosystem of gankers, AG, scammers, salvagers, etc… that pretty much make a living on that station. It would be an interesting change… I’m just wondering if the tether part is true or not.

another video

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Hmm. Why do this if business is starting to move away from Jita?

The Caldari Did say they were concerned when the SEC raised the taxes as it could easily have an adverse effect on Jita’s “Superiority” and that they rely on the volume of trade to help fund the Caldari Navy. Curious to see if they decided to find a way to try and bring business back. Only time will tell.

Who cares, Theter is for baddies

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You better get your stuff out of there. CCP will blow that station up in the process of this reconstruction.


These are fortifications against an upcoming Trig attack. I hope it’s an event where the galaxy must rally to defend the station, or have everything in it blown up.


Spoiler: Its all in TTT now

What would code and pirat and marmite (whatever they are today) do all day if Jita 4/4 had tethering??

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No more ‘pvp’ for them. HAHA! SeBo II’s would have their market fall out from under. BWAHAHAAA!!

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I doubt the tethers from 4-4 would reach to Narija tbh

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Right… like they don’t ever camp 4/4.

Cool story though.

Right… like they are the only people to camp 4-4

Cool reply, Garth

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There’s an entire ecosystem of gankers, AG, scammers

That’s like saying there’s an entire ecosystem of cancer cells in my brain. If it’s garbage, get it the f–k out of there.


While I certainly give zero shits about what happens to the bottom feeders, I also give zero shits about what happens to the people that get eaten by the bottom feeders.

Nobody deserves to be safe in Eve. I’d rather see tethers go away completely.


All citadels and NPC stations get limited space, and only Jita can say - after the extension - that they have enough space to be the major trade hub :smiley:

I sense a new market opportunity… I wonder how many unpackaged hulls I can stuff in station inventory to fill things up.

If limited space does occur in stations, then hauling corporations are going to start making a lot more money.

as well as “stuff them with stuff” type of hybrid warfare that doesnt involve/invoke Concord may appear.

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