Intel - Counterintelligence - Infiltration

Circus Animals are experts at intelligence gathering, Infiltration and general internal disruption.

There is no corp or alliance we have not been able to infiltrate for the purpose hired for including

Corp Theft
Asset location
Corp Disruption and discontent

We do it all and we do it very well, like us or hate its our game style.

Contact for full fee based on requested service, be descriptive as to what you require. Some tasks take time,

1 example of Assassination

Please save time and simply e-mail all hate mail, no need to post your love here :slight_smile:

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Do you have any reference’s?

If they told you they probably would have to kill you! Spies are like that!

Second question for when you get around to it would you use a trusted third party for your contracts?

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We would have no issue using a third party service. As some of our services can take time a payment plan would be required over the time. Some can be set payment on completion, depending on service required

As for references, this is difficult as we treat all our clients with total confidentiality. Most of our clients do NOT wish to be identified or operations Identified, for obvious reasons. We do have return clients. That’s the best I can offer other then hate mail from targets :slight_smile: which we have many :joy:

Feel free to contact Wildly Inappropriate [2010] Corp theft
Feel free to contact Warped Intentions as to the assassination. :wink:
Feel free to contact The Craftsmen small corp theft - Multiple war harassment with huge losses :wink:

There are many more examples but clients wished to keep covert.

Rainbows & unicorns
Always Watching

Please keep all comments to private email I have no issue with what ever you mail the more detailed the better :scream:

Always Watching has just fulfilled our latest Contract.

Alliance Destruction or Relocation

Target Alliance was Relocated successfully with significant losses. We would Like to thank our Client and mostly our Target for great content, we trust all parties enjoyed the event.

Rainbows & Unicorns