[ MERCS 4 HIRE ] Final Ultimatum



We specialize in the following services:

Citadel Removals
Constellation Control
Clear Gate Camps
Day By Day Services
FOB Removals New%20Service
Tactical Escorts
Region Patrols
Poco Removals
Pilot Assassination
Pilot Locating Services
Sub Contracting
Intelligence Information
War Assistance
Wormhole Entry Statics/Sales

100% Client Confidentiality Period!
Create A Contract with us and one of our Agents will contact you within 24hrs

A Mercenary Alliance that actually delivers results and sends Reports as they occur!

Are we offline? Send us an Email: ceo@finalultimatum.com
Also, feel free to speak to one of our many support Agents who is standing by ready to assist you through our Live Chat Support. Get a free quote in making your problems our problems today!

See our Services channel for further info or connect to our Services Discord

We can neither confirm nor deny that our agency has any records matching your request and or statements.
Please note our secretary will disavow any knowledge of our agent’s actions and deny any involvement of activities towards outside entities of any kind.

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Merc services is where your supposed to post this stuff dude…


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They moved all this stuff to #corporations-alliances:mercenary-services sadly :frowning:. Question though would you consider allowing a trusted third party like chribba to hold the isk until the contract is complete?

Hmm, ok thank you for letting me know brother, if an ISD could kindly relocate the post would be very much grateful and do apologies for any inconveniences.


We do recognize Chribba as a trusted isk holder, please set up a contract via our website and I’ll have one of our Agents reach out to you.

Thanks for considering our services and hope to hear from you shortly.

Just keeping you informed because


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Topic moved to Mercenary Services

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More just asking a standardized question because it’s missing from the op ;). If you will use third parties to hold isk until completion +1 from me. Good luck with it. Your killboard looks like you have a lot of fun :slight_smile:

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We are fine using a 3rd party ( Trusted ) to hold isk and to have them relinquish that isk upon contract completion for sure. Look forward to hearing from you as a valued client.


I would like to say that FINAL ULTIMATUM has delivered more than what our corp was expecting when we hired them and performed beyond all expectations and we would hire them again without hesitation. we would like to use this time to send our gratitude and wish all the best… WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS… THEY DONT’T…


As our client above will attest… Final Ultimatum works very differently from most “wanna-be” mercenary organizations in highsec.

  • We provide reports, on field, every day or so outlining kills and our activities with ZKills links.
  • We contract the corpses to our clients as undeniable proof.
  • We do not start 100+ active wars simultaneously against random corps/alliances for no good reason. We will have a few active contracts at any given time which allows us to actively hunt targets and give the client the dedication they deserve.
  • Final Ultimatum is very much a “hands on” experience for clients. We are in local chat. You can see us at work before your eyes. You can fleet up with us. And even speak to us on TS3. We are accountable for your hard earned ISK.
  • We do not war-dec then wait for random targets to wander into Jita while watching Netflix. (unlike other organizations).




Do you have an industrial corp or alliance that needs assistance?

Check out our website through the link above, and get in contact. We look forward to working with you :slight_smile:

looks like blackhogs just got you guys good huh

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Serra Caderu seems like a dic move to be brought to light on our forum which if I might add is completely “Off Topic” but I can see from the amount of countless smack talk posts you have across all Mercenary forum posts you’ve defiantly trained stupidity to level 5! Also if I might add judging by your character’s history you like pulling off dic moves such as making a corporation called Vendetta Mercenary Group of Fools. Its cool we anticipate trolls throughout our future and reflects greatly that Final Ultimatum is on the right course. I understand why you hide behind an NPC alt and its cool man.
We’re proud to be on a list you now track across Eve’s forums!
Means we’ve captured your attention!

Touching on the subject I would like to state for the record that BlackHogs are an admiral alliance with some elite pilots and Final Ultimatum salutes them for gf’s.
Would also like to take this opportunity to say the same about the Kingless Alliance!
Great job and much respect.

Serra Caderu, thanks for the advertising :wink:


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We are proud to announce we have now released our new service ( White-listed )
Pilots across New Eden now have the privilege to white-list their respected Corporations and or Alliances up to 4 weeks at a time with renewing capabilities and Final Ultimatums management teams will add your valued Corp or Alliance to our white-list which prevents us from war decking the said Corporation or Alliance.

This can now be located on our Online Contract.


We are proud to announce Agents within our Alliance can now access, view, filter and activate contracts we may have available at any time!

Agents will now be able to view a ton of contract details prior to accepting :slight_smile:

When All Else Fails… We Don’t…

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They are a trusted party, who can handle their ships.


We’ve recently added a new section on our official website in order to help clarify some of our many services. We intend on adding more detailed information as the weeks move forward.

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We can neither confirm nor deny that our agency has any records matching your request and or statements.
Please note our secretary will disavow any knowledge of our agent’s actions and deny any involvement of activities towards outside entities of any kind.

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