Small Scale Mercenary work?

Does anyone provide targeted assassinations, ganking, anymore?

Example: WTB mach gank, high sec, name is xxx and hangs out in yyy. Bonus for corpse.

Example: WTB orca gank, high sec, name is xxx and is in yyy?

Example: WTB corp harrasment, zzz isk for any kill report from their corp?

Anyone do that sort of work anymore?

Yes we do on alts. Hire vmg.

Id consider that after an initial intel report on corp/alliance numbers, capabilities etc; i dont do suicide missions in general.

Try private messaging people from griefer outfits. If someone approached me with a harassment/assassin request while I wasn’t involved in another project, I’d probably do it. Nice change of pace you know? Tbh find a griefer or merc corp where members drop in and out constantly, and PM a member or a diplo. Never know what might turn up.

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