Interesting alpha clone gameplay (wh's and isk)

I thougth I’d share some of my expiriences with the general population. This is how hightier wormhole organisations are filling their pockets by using alpha clones.

  1. Have your player group create a huge number of alpha clones.
  2. Install these alpha clones in the wormholes connected to your wormhole region.
  3. Despawn all anomolies in the wormhole region, by warping and stopping your ship.
  4. Enjoy all the anomelies now spawning in your crabhole.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

This is pretty much the day by day activity. And if you havent gotten in on the action. You probably should. Your own personal keepstar is not far away :wink:

And this isnt an exploit, pure gamemechanics.

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this sounds like powerful fun.

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If you need some more info about this, I posted it on reddit too :slight_smile:

Or just, you know…pay $10/mo for an omega account and not have to deal with jumping through hoops to do something that takes minutes/day.

Well, if it can’t be done with a single character then it would be categorized as an exploit, but some exploits make games better and/or less grindy

I don’t think you fully understood the purpose of the suggestion. The whole idea is that the alts despawn anomalies in wormholes other than your own making the respawn in your hole to monetize. Regardless of this being an exploit or not it would not make much sense to have paid omega clones perform this tedious task.

The outset of course being that wormhole systems are also grouped in constellations and despawning anomalies/signatures in one system makes them spawn in another system of the same constellation.

And of course it can’t be done with a single character as you Need one Pilot in every wormhole of the constellation and these aren’t necessarily connected.