Intergalactic Space Federation-seeking out players of all playstyles and skill levels

Greetings from ITGSF. We are actively seeking recruits in virtually all facets as our operations and content access have dramatically increased over the past few months. We conduct operations in virtually every kind of space from simple mining and mission running in highsec, to lowsec pvp operations and pve content/ice mining/PI, to nullsec roams and WH operations. Whatever your goal is short and long term we have the content to offer to allow you to succeed. We offer various services as well to assist in your endeavors from veteran leadership to show you the ropes if youre new, to jump freighter services to assist in safely moving your assets to and from locations including trade hubs, strong ties to good alliances in various regions of EVE, to engineering complex accesses all over EVE to name just a few. Why wait, join us today!
Recruiting Channel in game: Space-Rec or message me, Kane Christensen, for more information. Thank you!

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