Intrepid Crossing: A Once-Upon-A-Time Tale of Industry and Glory

In the ever-expanding universe of EVE Online, there exists a peculiar alliance of industrious spacefarers, known as Intrepid Crossing (IRC). This alliance, a meme in itself, reveled in their industrial pursuits, undoubtedly because all other pursuits were far too… exciting. Let’s delve into the mesmerizing story of these brave interstellar businessmen, whose primary contribution to EVE Online was a string of anecdotes worthy of several chuckles.

The year 2010 brought the glorious Cobalt Edge era. Cobalt Edge – a place so wondrous that it became the subject of every IRC TeamSpeak conversation, a poignant reminder of their fleeting moment of relevance. During this time, IRC was blessed with the enigmatic Fleet Commander Tyronicon, a brilliant tactician whose combat strategies elevated the alliance. Unfortunately, with Tyronicon’s departure, the combat prowess of IRC vanished like a fart in the wind.

As fate would have it, IRC was then evicted from their home in Ethereum Reach by the aggressive alliance Skill UrSelf in 2018. The industrialists, having no taste for adversity, promptly abandoned their comrades like rats fleeing a sinking ship. They left the remnants of the alliance in the not-so-capable hands of those who knew not how to maintain it, but who were very skilled at cowering.

To fill the void, IRC concocted a cunning recruitment plan: they would cater to newbies, grooming them into proficient industrialists. They dismissed PvP as an irrelevant pursuit, akin to mastering the art of tying shoelaces in a world of Velcro.

Between 2018 and 2022, several well-coordinated PvP Corporations were lured into the IRC fold. However, the industrialists, led by the ever-stubborn second-in-command, resisted their presence with the fierceness of a wet tissue. The PvP Corporations, seeking a taste of something other than mediocrity, departed for alliances that actually knew the value of gunnery skills.

Thus began the era of the “Krab Lifestyle,” a perpetual cycle of acquiring competent pilots only to repel them with IRC’s unyielding embrace of underachievement. The alliance found itself bullied by larger, and often comically smaller, entities as they spent exorbitant amounts to rent lackluster solar systems and moons.

Today, the once-intrepid IRC has become a shadow of its former self, with a backbone as sturdy as overcooked spaghetti. The alliance leadership clings to each member, regardless of their contribution or lack thereof, with the desperate tenacity of a koala on eucalyptus.

And so, as should have been done in 2018, we bid farewell to Intrepid Crossing, the alliance that could have been, but instead chose a life of memes and monotony. Rest in peace, IRC – may your tale be remembered with the same level of enthusiasm as watching paint dry.

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First: If you have to post a rant, use your main account.

Second: You contacted multipe alliances in the southern regions, claiming nonesense and asked to evict them.

Conclusion: You are just a super butthurt, salty, bitter veteran who should have left IRC years ago and now regrets his decisions. Noone even cared what you said so you created this post.

Advice: If you hate them that much, create an own corp / alliance and start to hunt them down and stop whining. If they are as bad as described, you can evicte them yourself.

posted with an alt to make op angry

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