IRC (intrepid crossing) recruiting in NULL

yes we still exist after 14 years
yes we live in Etherium Reach
yes we take newer and returning players
NO we do not do PAPS or CTA

we play the game for fun whether it be industry or at the war front.
space for corps to call home fully upgraded.
contact dorfsorc in game for details.

But not alive

we are the cockroaches of EVE we never die


After having our Corp in Intrepid Crossings Alliance for a number of months now we can honestly say we absolutely and unequivocally endorse these guys.
They are welcoming and approachable at all levels particularly regarding any questions about gameplay/mechanics and the years of experience collectively held by the Leadership is impressive.
Whilst a relaxed approach pervades the Alliance it is professionally run and clearly motivated with projects coming to fruition on a regular basis.
Active 24/7 and responsive it has certainly given our Corp some great oppertunities alongside some sound advise and would certainly do the same for other Corps with the right attitude.
This Alliance has clearly been through both good times and bad and has weathered many a storm along the way, making it’s logo rather apt in my opinion, giving it a certain dignity in it’s bearing that can’t be cheaply bought or achieved through smoke and mirrors.
These guys are the real deal and we are with them for the long haul through thick and thin.
Fyr Cassell
Stratotech Industries


thanks fyr. your usual check is in the mail

dead alliance

aside from being primarily an industrial alliance, we just enjoy playinig. zkill is not what we measure success by. we measure success by players enjoying being part of our family. for those that love killboards is from dorfsorc. and he is blind in real life. looks successful to me and he learned pvp in IRC
nice to know we are worth trolling on recruitment forum


Even with that link, IRC has still destroyed a higher ISK value than it has lost.
GG mate

If u measure eve’s life by zkill only than u better to grow up kiddo


Since when was intrepidly crossing an industrial alliance. So some people who got control of it and then c;claim it is an industrial alliance, don’t know what you’re smoking your just trying to use a name of a dead alliance.

not sure why you feel the need to badmouth IRC. same leadership for 14 years. primarily industrial for the last 6 years. a few players at the war front because they enjoy large fleets. so what exactly is your issue? given that you cant seem to stay in a corp and only recently joined volta. If you dont like us, dont join, but you clearly dont know us or that we have a different gameplay in this decade. For those that prefer less drama and more enjoyment, check us out.

For one I had a 5-year break, And two dead alliance is dead.

10/10 alliance would recommend! Proud to be a member of both IRC and STRT and to give anxiety to people while flying ships I shouldn’t fly and it is ran by great guys!


we are looking for corps to join us . upgraded systems waiting for you

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clearly what happened over 10 years ago is important to you. the good news is that unlike many other alliances, we have that much history to look back on and learn from.


and don’t forget
they have a blind guy thats better at pvp then most other players :wink:

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His definitely been hurt by IRC in the past, so please ignore him.

Not only pvp… he knows about everything about this game and is faster with getting info than google.

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Alliance still recruits. Don’t hesitate to drop a “Hi!” assisting with bumping