one of the oldest alliances in the game we are looking to add players and corps to intrepid crossing.
We are still a significant industrial alliance in etherium reach.
We are also doing some interesting PVP in other Null space and could use more pilots and another FC or 2 for fun and frolic.
Come as a player or bring your whole corp. we are a long term group with a friendly focus and fun (it is a game after all)
contact Dorfsorc , zengen117, or talin rever to learn more.

IRC was there to build some of the first stations. AWECO helped build the very first titan. We built one of the first Keepstars. Cobalt Edge and the surrounding area was once one glorious empire of Intrepid Crossing. A lot of achievements made throughout the years, even more content had.

For nearly as long as Eve has existed, IRC has been there, being and industrial engine, and always up for a good fight.

Today, IRC is seeking new people, providing the content you wanted, and putting you on the verge of A New Hope.
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