Introducing Quasar


We have just released a tech development blog covering a number of changes that have been worked on behind the scenes! Please use this thread to discuss the blog with other players :slight_smile:


That’s one spiffy background <3


Well, the first devblog I didn’t understand much of the details … how will it make EvE more scalable?


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While this is certainly a step forward does this also mean that some of the hard limits that we saw in the war that ‘just’ ended, which had such an, shall we call it, unfortunate effect on the overall outcome will be a thing of the past - or is this just trying to promote yourselves yet again?

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Oh. Null stuff.


Well, to SPOILER a bit, and being a IT Specialist, let imagine, what things are going to do…

Serialization and Deserialization is needed to give the Computer an Idea, when you are in Fleet, Where is your enemy, what kind of enemy is that, and what for possibliities you have in that moment.

By increasing the Serilization ability, you can give more input to the computer, which to be honest, are capable to move things forward into the memory and returning its input. (Because calculation is not that core-intensive as you may imagine). Mathematics is easy for a computer, and its really fast too.

By increasing the speed, you can handle more Objects, - every kind of object, is an Information what is interpreted my the Client to show all the shiny stuff on your computers. Explosions, Ships, Missiles, Lasoorzzzzz…

If you are going to improve that thing by paralllel computization you are able to handle much more Information (e.q. Players at one grid, at one place). This also means, that its allows you to fight bigger fights, with lesser tidi.

Regarding the test with Hadean, and its engine, it was a technical demo and a test, not far away from the technical solution which hopefully will introduced in the next 2 years.

Its about the Transport by Filament (technically a handshake between servers) to a location (a gatejump is also the same). and Transferred to the hadean engine, which is more capable of handling all the big fleetfights without tidi.

But i wont spoiler here. I just give an representation of information i have at the moment.

Theroetical is an improvmeent thinkable with analyzing pixeldata of a fleet fight, wich every single dot represents a ship. Regarding on that color in that sheme, it should be possible to calculate the result, with combinded Graphic cards power using Tensor Flow.

But this is also just a technical thing here, and i do not want to spoiler that much. Maybe starcitzien and EVE collaborates ? Who knows :slight_smile:

Enjoy the game, support the game, and i like all devs :D…

Sorry for that spoiler…


Um, I’m sure CCP dumbed it down for us players, but can someone dumb it down a little bit more?

asking for a friend. I mean, I understood all of that. But, you know… other people might need a little more explanation.


More messages can be passed around.

Each new player you add, adds more messages. 2 players taking an action each means 2 messages (one to the one who isn’t taking the action). 3 players is 6. 5 is 20. 10 is 90.

Each new player is an additional (player number-1) x2 messages. so player 1000 is 1998 additional messages. I’m sure you can see how the scaling gets tricky.

Pushing the messaging to a more capable bus (gRPC) rather than doing it in python should help a great deal. Of course, things have to be pushed to it. For now, fights haven’t been. That’d be a major step. But it’s more possible now? ( ‘that might take a minute.’, as the writer says. They could be British, with that understatement)

Also, the ability to restart bits of eve, without requiring a total game restart is pretty major. Someone discounting this as just for null, hasn’t understood (or read) it fully.

EDIT: The other bit? things can happen without needing to involve the eve server. Update a skill plan? Does the eve server need to know? nope. And it doesn’t impact the TQ database, distracting it from more important things, like how many rifters I have on the market.


Doesn’t this also mean unreliable message delivery times? So some will get it much earlier than others? We are talking about a RT system here, like rocket science grade.

That’s not actually much of a problem. It would be if responses weren’t actioned on the tick, but they are.

Sounds like all that’s left to do is for CCP to hire actually competent UI developers. Because whatever technical improvements the backend created, the frontend facing the players shattered all potentially positive experiences.


could be British


What spoiler?

Wait, so you are saying that Eve Online, at least in part, runs on Kubernetes?

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Would I ever gently troll a developer? Surely not.

More seriously: Congrats on getting this over the finish line. I know you’ve got a bunch more work ahead but it’s good to see, and I know this kind of integration always has a bunch of fiddly bits.


Interesting read!

And nice to know that hopefully in the future we might have no more downtime and less TIDI.

Finally, THE FUTURE is coming!

at the rate population is going down you dont need to improve hardware things will work itself out


How about fixing the disconnect / reconnect issue with the chat system!


This guy is easier to understand.

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