Inventory management: "Divide stack"

Right now, I use PI on a daily basis, and my setup is purely about taking t1 mats and building them up to t4. This involves a lot of shift-click-dragging and then entering a number as I divide up my t1 mats into stacks ready to import.

It would be a lot easier if I could just right click on the stack and select “divide stack” and then be given a window asking me how many times I want to divide it, or what size stack I want to subdivide it into.

For example: let’s say I have a stack of 28,800 reactive metals, and I want to divide them into 12 stacks of 2400. Right now I have to shift-click-drag and enter the number 2400 into the window eleven times. Then repeat for water, biofuels, chiral structures, and all the rest of the nine ingredients that go into a wetware mainfraim.

The suggestion: I would like to be able select all the ingredients, right click, select “divide stacks” and enter “divide into 12 stacks of equal size” or maybe “remove 6 stacks of 4800” or whatever.

This would massively streamline the PI process for me, and I’m sure would be useful for, say, distributing ammo among fleet members, evenly handing out the share from mining ops, and other cases where large item stacks need to be evenly divided up.


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