2 things that I have been wishing for, for years now

So, I saw the update on the launcher about CCPlease, glanced through it, and thought what the heck, might as well jot my 2 little wishes for improvements down on the forum somewhere.

  1. Multi-item split. Ok, great, so I can split a stack. How do I take say 9 different stacks of items, and take out exactly 730 of them from each? Think PI, and needing to feed in 9 items to come out with some advanced planetary material. As it stands now, I have to Shift+drag 9 different times, and enter in 730 to get around 9,880 m3 of material that I can feed into a launchpad via the customs office. Wouldn’t it be great if I could select the 9 items in question, Shift+drag all 9 of them, enter 730 once, and poof I have what I need in the cargo bay of my ship?

  2. Overlays on BPCs. Ok, so on a normal stack there is a black line overlay with a count of how many items of that type are in the stack. How about, on a BPC, there are 3 similar overlays showing the ME, TE, and number of runs that particular BPC has? That way, at a glance, I know what I am dealing with; and I don’t have to Right-Click+Show Info on each of the BPCs to see where they sit? On a BPO, the same thing, but only have ME and TE as overlays.

Anyway, just a couple of thoughts that I have been personally wishing for, for years…

Thanks all!

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