Split and Select Multiple Item Stacks in Inventory

Currently whenever we need to pick multiple items from the inventory or a station container, we need to select each item one by one and each time we need to press shift and drag the item to pick required quantity. If we need to pick lots of items or we are doing this frequently it becomes so much time-consuming and disturbing.

I am not talking about selecting all items in the inventory or a range of items. So ctrl + a, shift + click or ctrl + click won’t help.

My suggestion is to place a “Select items from clipboard” menu option to inventory windows. Let say that I have a list of item names and their respective quantities like this:

Dark Blood Heavy Energy Nosferatu	1
Electron Bomb	7
Improved Mindflood Booster	2

When this list is in the clipboard, if I click that option, first it should split the item stacks in the inventory and then, select all items in the list. So that I can do whatever I want with them. Some example use cases are:

  • Moving things between containers
  • Loading ship cargo
  • Creating contracts
  • Cleaning the inventory

We already use item lists in clipboards to do many things both in-game and out-of-game. For example, the multi buy feature in the market window or appraisal websites. This is a very common way for players to do their things in Eve Online and adding this multi selection feature would help us do things with less time.


You can save a ship fit containing these items and quantities, and apply that fitting to make those items move from item hangar to cargohold

Thanks for the suggestion. However, I tried this and it doesn’t work.

  1. If I don’t have the required skills for an item, fitting won’t put the item into the ship cargohold even if I specify that the item will go to the cargohold and not to a ship slot. Strange.
  2. I don’t have a fixed list of items. Every time I can have a different list. I don’t want to create a fitting each time just to select some items. It doesn’t save time.

Edit: This is the warning I got when I try to put an item I don’t have skills into cargohold:

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I would like this for PI importing.
Loading at the station,
unloading into the POCO,
and from POCO to launchpad.

Almost like having a player made script. Hmmm…?


I would also use it for PI, i prefer having 0 input resources and 0 loaded-to-factory resources if I go too long without adding input (which requires adding exact counts)

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I would like this feature in the game. I am doing station to station trade and this feature is definitely a necessity. It takes me lots of time to organize items.

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This is a feature requested for a long time and CCP should definitely do something about it. Look at this reddit post. First suggestion is to “own a personal market azbel” to split stacks. CCP should see how serious this need is and how far people are willing to go to implement this in other ways.

I had two separate groups of products and I needed to send them to same station. I thought if I create two separate hauling contracts they would arrive separately but at the end they all merged in the item hangar. Now I have to separate hundreds of items one by one :frowning_face:

Most haulers don’t accept containers. So I cannot use containers to keep them separate. I would expect a feature like this to exist already.

You mean the multiple contracts join, or they join to the stacks in the hanger…?
Cause my problem is they do not stack.

When multiple contracts are completed, all items are next to each other in the hangar. They are not automatically stacked but they are still unusable for my case. I had to separate them one by one.

The vast majority of the time, I want my separate contracts going to the same location to stack.

So basically a ‘remote’ stack option command that would work through the asset window and especially the corporate assets window UI would be a nice feature.

Hint, hint CCP. :wink:

Is there a way where we keep track of which features are being developed? We send messages in the forum but how do we know if they are considered at all?