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It would be useful if the clipboard formats that EVE uses in various places (Ctrl-C in inventory, Copy To Clipboard in a fitting, Industry window, etc) could be used for selecting inventory. This functionality would be particularly useful when trying to cherry pick known quantities of items out of a large stockpile.

Some examples:

  1. You would like to transport a packaged ship and fittings.

    • Currently: You have to search and shift drag each module into your hauler. Alternatively, play games with fitting/unfitting and containers to isolate the modules (assuming you have the ship and don’t accidentally destroy modules).
    • Better: You click the Copy To Clipboard button on the ship fitting window, right click in inventory and choose, “Select from Clipboard”. It de-stacks modules as necessary and leaves them selected. Now it’s a single drag for the ship fitting into the hauler. Repeat for multiple fittings if necessary.
  2. Your spreadsheets or external tools are generating a report that says you should sell certain items in certain quantities.

    • Currently: Since you can only sell from the station hangar, you either have to hunt through a stockpile and sell the items you want or you shift drag them from a container to the station hangar for selling.
    • Better: You keep your stockpile in a container, copy the “shopping list” to the clipboard and use “Select from Clipboard”. It de-stacks and selects the items in the container and you drag them, in bulk, to your blissfully empty station hangar.

The Industry window copy to clipboard has a slightly different format but, it should be able to do the same thing for the same reasons. If not all items in the clipboard can be selected, a standard information popup can inform you but would otherwise leave all available items selected.

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I like the basic idea. CTRL+C might be a problem.

Many external tools rely upon what CTRL+C currently does. Evepraisal for instance.

Perhaps CTRL+ALT+C.

ctr F ? already shows FPS, can be rebound.

I don’t think OP is suggesting changing the keybind or behavior of CTRL+C, just listing the ways players can copy to clipboard in EVE already. I interpreted pasting from clipboard into the suggested functions being presented as a context menu option for right-click or hamburger menu selection.

And I’m saying, ctr F (for Find) could be a good shortcut to only show what is listed in the clipboard.
when you press ctr F, the window with focus is asked if it can search, in which case the clipboard is read to find a item>quantity dict. this item>quantity dict is then used as the filter, instead of the present name filter, with a more complex sentence : eg "typeexact:Hawk qtty:5 OR typeexact:Corax qtty:50 ".
I thought it was obvious in my answer.

Why not just stick with the standard paste functionality using CTRL-V?

because paste is not find.
Paste could be used in the buy all window, or market quickbar.

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