Replacement for EVE ingame browser: clipboard sharing between pc&smart phone

EVE ingame browser allowed use of internet while doing something like transportation in EVE or something else time consuming and boring stuff. Then this browser was removed and life was made a lot of more boring for EVE capsuleers.

I have solution for this problem! There is thing called smart phones nowadays. There are applications that allow clipboard sharing between PC - smart phone.

  1. Open smart phone app store and write “clipboard share to pc” and you find correct app.

  2. Follow application installation instructions.

  3. Enjoy EVE flying in space and browsing internet. You can copy link from EVE chat to clipboard and open this link in smart phone browser! You can also copy link from smart phone browser to clipboard and share it with your space friends; just press ctrl + v (paste) in EVE chat.


I just use a third monitor, but who doesn’t need more apps?
Thanks for sharing!

What? Just use any other effing browser.

The problem you speak of does not exist…

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