FR: Batch split stack n ways

What is already implemented: You can split stack one item at a time and specify exact quantity to split when creating a contract or when in station.

Feature request: Ability to select multiple items and in just one action split each of the selected items’ stack into N number of equal smaller stacks. For example

  1. Select these three stacks: 1000 trit, 500 pyer, 250 mex
  2. Click “Batch Split” and type 4 in input box to split 4 ways
  3. Splits into: 250 trit, 250 trit, 250 trit, 250 trit, 125 pyer, 125 pyer, 125 pyer, 125 pyer, 63 mex, 62 mex, 63 mex, 62 mex . Abort if going over hangar quantity limit.

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